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Grow your following and monetize your Instagram™. Discover the secrets to growing your business or blog on Instagram™.

Join over 200 female entrepreneurs and get access to Instagram™ lessons, valuable tools (you won’t find anywhere else), and our fabulous community.

Don’t go this journey alone, let us help you grow while making biz besties along the way!

Are you struggling to make sales on Instagram™?

Wish you could figure out a way to reach your ideal clients? Want to stop watching others sell on Instagram™, while you remain in the dark? Wish you had more followers that cared about your products? Have you followed others advice but still not gaining any momentum?

What gives?

"How can one account have thousands of followers, and mine is barely in the triple digits? Is there something I’m missing?”

Yes. There is something you’re missing.

A dedicated formula designed to increase engagement, reach your ideal customer base and turn followers into paying customers.

Why a formula?

Instagram™ marketing is a science. You can’t just step in firing on all cylinders hoping for more sales. Science demands research, testing, and practical application.

And guess what?

I’ve created the perfect formula for marketing your business on Instagram™

This formula is multifaceted, ensuring you have a clear plan of action to utilize every aspect of your brand’s Instagram™ image. This means going beyond posting new items regularly, and delving deep into the importance of lighting and placement, as well as the correct number of hashtags to use (yes, there is a magic number)!

This isn’t your normal Instagram™ Training that will teach you why you should be posting new pictures, or why it’s important to have a good bio. I teach you HOW to do these things, not WHY they are important. We already know they are important, duh, that’s why we are here!
With this tried and true Instagram™ formula, you’ll not only see an increased following of ideal clients, you’ll see increased sales with less effort and time wasted on strategies that don’t work.

Instagram™ follower growth happens exponentially once you get the ball rolling. For me, that means I’m making sales while I sleep, walk my dog, do laundry, you name it.

For you, that might mean that you are gaining clients, brand depth, vital industry connections, lucrative influence, and much more all while you focus your attention elsewhere – or sleep.

That’s the beauty of Instagram™ – when you adapt the science to perfect your approach, Instagram™ will start returning your investment on autopilot.
Only $20/mo
"That sounds amazing! Where can I get my hands on this formula?"

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Everything you need is right here in...

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But wait, this isn’t just another Instagram™ Course, this is a membership site filled with not only lessons and trainings to grow you account but I am also giving you the tools you need! That’s right. I’ve created an Instagram™ Club for the ages. With the InstantBoss Club, I’ll teach you how to not only increase your following, but engage your following to target ideal clients and start making bank.
Only $20/mo
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How it's Different

I know what you’re thinking... "Oh great... Another how-to course."

Let’s face it. There are a TON of how-to courses out there on the world wide web. There are even a few reputable Instagram™ courses for business.

But this isn’t a Instagram™ Course, This is a Instagram™ Community! Inside the members area, you will not only get lessons and training videos, but all the tools you need to grow your account.

Let me walk you through all the different perks you get inside the Club!